Larry Crowne (2011)
The critics didn't like Rock Hudson and Doris Day either
2 July 2011
I went to this movie with fairly low expectations because of the many negative reviews by the movie critics. However, I thought I'd like it, nonetheless. From my rating you can see that I enjoyed this movie way beyond my expectations.

Tom Hanks did a good job acting and directing and was very believable. The last time I saw Julia Roberts as a teacher was in Mona Lisa Smile. Her teaching here is more low keyed, but from her performance, I think acting as a teacher is her forte. Tom Hanks and her are perfect together.

Besides Hanks and Roberts, the supporting cast was very good. George Takei was very funny as the economics teacher, as was Cedric the Entertainer as the neighbor having the perpetual garage sale. The students at the college were all very good and believable.

Years ago, Rock Hudson and Doris Day made a number of movies together, like Lover Come Back, that were romantic comedies like Larry Crowne. They were panned by the critics and my wife and I generally loved them. If you're over 35 and like "under the top," humorous movies, go see this movie.
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