Accepted (2006)
Rejection- shove it up your A-S-S !!!
11 November 2011
This movie deserved a better class of reviews and definitely a higher rating than it actually has. In my opinion, Accepted is based on one of the most relevant topic of our generation wherein the agony and feelings of all those students who due to one reason or another are unable to get accepted to a good enough college after completion of their high school. The central character played by Justin long who when unable to get accepted to any College starts an Unaccredited college along with a few of his friends so as to fulfill the expectations and dreams of his family.

During the course of this, the whole lot of students like him which too were not accepted to any of the college come to this institute to pursue higher studies. This movie provides proper insight to our education system and its inability to carve innovation and fuel imagination in young fresh minds which wants only "possibilities" in life and a belief that they also can contribute to the development of world and change the face of time on their watch.

The character played by the dean of South Harmon Institute of Technology was quite interesting and intriguing as its views presented about the existing system and world around may not please many but unfortunately are true.

Also, the character of Sherman Schrader is also relevant in the current time as the person who is somewhat different may be in appearance or attitude is always met with hatred of others and becomes a misfit in the society of commons.

Lastly, Justin long proved that he too can put by the act together and give a performance which can demonstrate its worth as an actor. He stuck the chord with connecting beautifully with the character of protagonist "Bartelbey Gaines". His speech at the end of the movie encapsulates the essence of the movie and packs a Knock -out punch in front of the panel before whom they had a hearing for accreditation.

The line "do not Judge us by the way we look" is my personal favorite. Hence, I would rate it as 8/10.
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