Titanic (1997)
My Heart Still Goes On - More So In 3D
27 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking through these reviews last week contemplating whether or not I should see this movie again upon its 100 year anniversary 3D release. I was looking to see if anyone had reviewed yet, more on the film's re release in its 3D glory - sadly they hadn't so I though if i want to know if its worth the price tag I will have to go. Considering myself to be interested in the titanic - not enough to call myself a Titanorack mind - I have learnt a lot about that ship, whether it be on the t.v or in books. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to don on the 3D glasses required and watch the movie. James Cameron is the king of 3D. 3D to me being pretty much a gimmick which i think only works with made for 3D films on the big screen only. Avatar is the perfect example of this. Although i didn't care for the film much the 3D is sensational. Made for 3D movies such as Avatar and Piranha etc I have enjoyed and found them effective. You can see a lot of effort has gone into the 3D for Titanic. Some of the scenes are magnificent. The lifeboats rowing away being the best 3D scene for me in the film. Was that worth the price of the ticket? I am very undecided. I love this film and have seen it numerous times and I am not sure 3D added anything extra to the film because it wasn't made for 3D it didn't have the same effect for me. I think for me it was a chance again to see the film of the big screen which I enjoyed again very much. One thing I did think about on seeing it in 3D yesterday was why on earth was Billy Zane in this film? He is more hammy than William Shatner in Star Trek and not in a good way. But where this film is concerned my heart will always go on ..so if you want to know if its worth going to see in 3D I would say if you are a massive fan or never seen it before yes, otherwise not..
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