Very Blue
10 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Slow burning leading up to the point of the film follows a girl named Erica who spends her time never forming lasting relationships but sleeping around and living an existence. She meets a guy called Nate who has a true bonding with her and its not the sexual kind and he spends his time trying to form a relationship with her and look after her. Unfortunately for her a previous conquest comes back to bite her in the ass with terrible consequences for all those concerned. Gritty, grizzly and depressing movie that takes it's time to build up the whole point to the film but about half way into the movie it all clicks into place and you figure out the way it will end. Hard to watch in places but compelling and you want to know the way it will end. Not bad acting at all and to say its a low budget film it was really good. It was by no way a horror in the slasher sense of the word but really had a point to it. Like i say its a good film but it's certainly not hearts and flowers.
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