A Sick Man's Fantasy
16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen the first film, I only watched it once. I was repulsed and horrified and it stuck with me for days. I didn't really know what to expect when I watched the first one. This one however, I had more insight into and the curiosity factor got the better of me finally after months of debating 'do i really want to watch this movie' and the sound of the mad doctor shouting 'feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed her' going around and around in my head. This film however is nothing like the first one. Very depressing mood set from the start with a truly horrific theme to the background of the lead and why he turned out to be the repulsive sick man he did. Very well played by him and the woman who played his mother however - most believable and brought the film to life. The rest of the cast were neither here nor there and you didn't really care for them, in fact some of the individuals almost deserved their fate. The shock factor... Okay I watched the cut version. However I have read the bits that were cut out and its obvious in the film where they have been cut from. They wouldn't have brought anything to the film only another instance of where you would feel the need to cover your eyes or barf. There are a few instances of this towards the end of the film. Some of the instances are actually bordering on the ridiculous - i.e the woman who gives birth in the car or the scene where the mad man is blowing raspberries at the centipede in order to get them to defecate. The latter had me in stitches laughing and the lead subsequently is laughing too. Way over the top for me. After all his efforts he decides to shoot nearly every member of his centipede anyway and his lead - well what she did to him really had me in stitches. By the time you get to this point i think you have really seen it all, but then you are left with the notion that this was all really a sick man's fantasy. For the record reckon I think the whole film is.. Didn't leave me with the feelings the first film did, I think it may have lost it's shock factor already being done once before. Human Centipede 3 on its way and I really dread to think ...Would I recommend this film? Who to exactly? Give it a go if you have watched things like Saw etc it might 'make you harder..'
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