Hyde in Hollywood (1990 TV Movie)
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29 January 2013
Forget all the pretensions of the other reviewer, this is simply a bad play, badly acted and badly directed.

The characters are all obnoxious and pretentious and while this may be true of most Hollyweed types (today as much as ever), it does not make for good theatre.

And if the author is gay, he should be castrated for writing such unsympathetic, clichéd characters.

As to the so-called 'movie' he presents, instead of a 'Citizen Kane' it might get the Ed Wood award for the worst film of the year, but it is certainly no classic. And he got it backwards, the director of 'Kane' was not gay (though he was always sympathetic) but the writer was.

As to the 'communist' implications, well he seems to have forgotten that we supported Russia and Stalin during WWII, aside from the simple fact that Russian society was never really 'communist' in it's purest sense. It was totalitarian.

And aside from being anti-gay, it also borders on being anti-semitic.

Anyway, the worst thing about this production really is the incredibly bad acting by all. Even in the theatre they wouldn't have gotten away with such overblown performances.
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