Great TV
21 May 2013
This was a series of connected stories; Power Of Three, Mark Of Distiction, Season Of The Skylark, The Tungsten Ring, and The Weasel Goes Pop. Each story was four episodes long. It featured two guys and a girl, who met up as flat-sharers. They were Johnny Martin (Teddy Green), Kate (Pamela Franklin) and Mark Dennison (David Griffin).

I remember much of the series as being fast moving and maintaining interest. I enjoyed it very much at the time, but so far as I know, it was never repeated. The three protagonists got involved in solving various crimes, and also had some other adventures.

The device mentioned in another review was a Camera Obscura, which used mirrors and prisms to project a picture of the outside onto a screen. This was often used in the series to find out what others were doing.

Sadly, no further series were commissioned. and I expect the series is now lost. I, for one, would love to see it again. I wish they could make TV this good now!
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