a totally incomprehensible movie
23 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big, big fan of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson but after twice seen 30 to 35 minutes of this movie I really wondered 'what the hell am I looking at'. What possessed the producers to cut this movie, which had potential, into bits and leaving the audience wondering again 'what on earth is this movie about'? Great actors, always a pleasure to see them on screen but -and maybe it is me- this movie has head nor tail, although I confess I could not wait to see the tail. What a waste of talent. As I am required to write a minimum of 10 lines reviewing this movie, here we go. Wonderful acting, as always. Dramatically badly cutting. Rather nice music. Outstanding performances, as expected. Towards the end (and I had to see more in order to write this review) the movie gets funnier, I must confess. Still, I wish that the producers would have listened to the actors and thus made it a better movie. And in doing so the movie would have been distributed better than it has now. Shame on the producers.
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