Loneliness is tough
15 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A loner bum with a good heart meets a depressed woman and a rich guy. By some twists and turns she must decide between the bum's and the playboy's love. And you must know who gets it. Right? But what about see the whole story and see what lays in between?

I remember the first time I've watched this film (around 2002 on TV) and just fell in love with it. Mainly about music score and story (without that already known jokes from Didi - the main character). Behind the funny scenes (this film intents to be a comedy, but there's a good background history going on it), there's a flirt with the loneliness and a bum on his everyday fight to survive. Watching this movie I felt a little depressed because I've had through life some situations faced by the main guy: falling in love with someone but losing her on the next scenes for a friend, to have a "kind" behaviour but being misunderstood and neglected, the flirt with loneliness... but the live must go on. At the same time he carries a photo of his beloved (presumed dead) wife, keeping the secret for a long time away from his new friends through the movie. I could try a remake of this film, but taking more seriously the relationship story without so many distractions. It could be nice. But this one worths the effort.
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