Beyond Desire (1994)
A Mindless Affair In Accord With Its Overall Miserable Production Values, And No Point Of View.
27 July 2014
It is difficult to find a copy of this film other than a VHS "screening cassette", involving a process that includes an introductory preview of the feature film itself, along with an audio free grouping of ostensible trailers for this thin narrative. Additionally, the words "screening cassette" and the name of the production company are permanently set in mid-frame. Just how this would beguile a viewer is difficult to imagine. Action opens as Greg Hagen (Frank Marty), a Miami area police department homicide detective, is being assigned to investigate the murder of a prominent prosecuting attorney. Hagen's investigation rather haphazardly leads him to a South Beach modeling studio stocked with nubile lasses, from one of whom Hagen seeks assistance with his search for the attorney's killer. This young woman, Danielle (Therese Marie Gutierrez) is very eager to become involved in the murder case, although her behaviour towards the handsome young detective is more amatory than one might expect to be proper while seeking a killer. During this same time, Hagen's detective work becomes secondary to his romantic proclivities. As a result, there is a plenitude of nude flesh thrashing about in varying beds, tedious to watch and altogether without a connection to the plot line function, but plainly enjoyable for the engaged cast members. These dreary scenes are accompanied by many repetitive numbers of D.J. scoring, very much less than tolerable when repeated throughout this movie. This is the sole recorded effort from director Joe Hernandez, who is also responsible for the producing and scripting credits in addition to a brief turn as a vacuously grinning "actor" of some sort. In sum, this is a lamentable work that few will struggle to sit through more than one time. Gutierrez adds to her role with an attempt at creating her character, but other performances are drab, thereby contributing to the raft of reasons why this movie is such a messily constructed, flatly handled, affair.
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