Review of Lifeforce

Lifeforce (1985)
Will leave you speechless
27 September 2014
Truly one of the worst films ever made. Words cannot possibly describe how bad it is. Dialogue straight out of Thunderbirds, acting that would embarrass Ed Wood and Henry Mancini's score sounds like he wrote it while having a stroke. I'm not done yet - it's laughably miscast, the first ten minutes seem to have been badly edited down from at least thirty minutes and some of the dubbing is amateurish at best. It's truly ghastly, tacky, cheap-looking rubbish. And yet...and yet.... The special effects are great for the time, often filmed bravely in bright light. No CGI here, it's all prosthetics. The lead alien is as beautiful as the movie is bad, I mean she's gorgeous. And the action doesn't let up for a second. Slam bang from start to finish. And somehow the abiding atmosphere is strangely haunting. You will love this movie at the exact same time you are hating it.
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