A horrible failure
11 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the books first and the movies second I have willingly celebrated the achievement of Peter Jackson and his team for bringing this wonderful world to the screens.

Sadly on this occasion I cant feel quite so enthusiastic. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the worst blockbuster movie I have ever seen.

The excitement of waking up to the day having finally arrived to have one last cinema experience in Middle-Earth was soon turning into cinema nightmares.

A direction less mess from start to finish that only got worse as this movie went on, from the opening sequences of Smaug having his revenge on Lake-Town and Bard using his son as a make shift aim for his bow this simply descended into a ridiculous aimless shambles.

Our beloved Mr Bilbo Baggin's reduced to a secondary character of no weight or meaning was soon a small quibble compared to the elf- centric nonsense which ensued. Riding bats was bad enough before the ultimate insult of Legolas using a sword as a sort of remote control to crash a troll type enemy into a tower which becomes the setting for quite simply the worst piece of cinema ever used.

I could go on for ever, this films redeeming feature is that it ended. Christopher Tolkien was quoted saying that these movies had reduced the beauty and aesthetic of his fathers work to nothing and it had been absorbed into the absurdity of our time, and I believed he was wrong as he was talking about Lord of the Rings but his words are fitting for this monstrosity of overblown Hollywood Esq movie making.

I am certain that action fans think this is a fitting end to this adventure but as a fan of the books and the previous films I for one am offended by what was put in front of me. The beauty, emotion and heart of this wonderful story of a Hobbit that had an adventure was taken and ripped to pieces by terrible movie making.

A sad end for all the wrong reasons.
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