Ride Along (2014)
A great laugh
29 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I will first state that I watched this movie without seeing any previews so I was watching the movie fresh and not seeing any key scenes which may have been shown in the trailers.

Ride A long is a simple story with funny results. A tough guy cop takes his daughters loser boyfriend on a ride along to see how much of a man he is.

The chemistry between Cube and Hart was smooth, witty and funny. The film didn't contain great acting, for instance Miggs and Santiago where not portrayed that well, these characters are quite bland. However the comedy from Hart and Cube was amazing and a joy to watch. I didn't go in to this film expecting a compelling story arch, I went in expecting to laugh and that's exactly what I did. I believe Kevin Hart is arguably the funniest man to watch right now, go watch the scene where he's asking the bikers to move on and try not to cry laughing.

To summarise a very enjoyable and fun movie, not an in depth, acting masterpiece but that's not what it is meant to be.
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