Review of Pilot

Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
Superb Beginning
8 October 2015
Well, I'm on the journey. With many series, it's just too much of an investment. But this has become a cultural icon and now that the whole thing is available, I decided to jump in. The opening episode (pilot) really does a great job of introducing us to the principles. The poor science teacher with the death sentence of inoperable lung cancer, his partner, a former student, and the sad state of affairs he must face each day with a disabled son and a pile of bills. I asked myself the question: How can you care about someone who is producing a deadly drug that has devastated our culture, and yet one sees the desperation. I'm a former teacher. I'm surprised that at 50 he has so little, but his son has probably been a draw on his bank account and his wife probably can't work outside the house. The most tragic scenes are when he has to work in the pit at the car wash and have his students taunt him and take cellphone pictures of him. We are also made privy to the dangerous world of the meth trade and the types of people he is going to be facing. This is a very good opening episode.
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