Einfach Rosa: Wolken über Kapstadt (2015)
Season 1, Episode 2
a rather entertaining German love story in South Africa
7 November 2015
Mark and Nandi, living in Berlin have decided to get married at the estate of her mother Jamila in Capetown, South Africa. Rosa and Meral have been asked to organize their wedding and have 4 days to do it. Mark and Rosa have known each other since their teens and during the four days prior the the wedding they (re)discover their feelings for each other. Mark's parents, Inge and Johann visit the estate and Mark's father is getting more and more on everybody's nerves. Nandi is in the meantime offered a job as a doctor in a township's hospital, while Mark's business is in Berlin. More complications seem to lead to the annulment of the wedding, other to the going through on with the wedding.
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