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Capital (2015)
Very Promising after a few minutes
24 November 2015
I confess I missed the first few minutes of the first episode but I was hooked in a few minutes.

In all the houses are people whose stories are relateable but the acting, casting, script make it compelling. They could be clichés but are not.

Toby Jones is married to a woman he could only get because of his high salary. They have 2 small boys and both parents exhausted in their respective roles. (goof when his FT moves from his left to right)

Gemma Jones is a widow whose daughter and grandson would spend more time with her, if their own lives were not so geographically distant. Over time her relationship with both has petered off but Christmas is approaching.

Wunmi Mosaku? plays a very sympathetic Nigerian refugee. She does her best to keep her spirits up, despite the 'no-win' situation her character is in. The ever increasing property prices on the street have nothing to do with her.

A single guy is sharing a flat with a couple. Enough said.

A large Indian family run the corner shop.

When the postcards begin to come to each house saying 'We Want What you Have', some report it to the police. An officer calmly investigates what could be anything from a marketing prank to something scary and deals with everybody's assumptions about police prejudice.

It continues to escalate. Can't wait for Ep 2 !!!
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