Still rooting for the Whale
22 December 2015
When I saw the trailer I was fully rooting for the whale but the first hour of the movie introduces you to the men of the whaler.

Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson (in a movie that doesn't feature his son) are telling the story on which 'Moby Dick' is based.

Chris Helmsworth plays a man who enjoys the whaling life and culture. Cillian Murphy is his best friend and Benjamin Walker is the 'Rupert'whose hunger to prove himself unsettles those who have worked their way up.

The whale is portrayed as vengeful although in fairness, nobody could blame him. The CGI looked great although the scenes set in the fishing village were darker than necessary.

This is the season for 'Frontier' stories along with 'Hateful 8' and 'The Revenant'. The drama and characters in this film are better and I cared whether the people survived in the end.

Its a solid movie but I wonder if these movies are a reaction against the 'strong female lead' films that have triumphed recently.
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