Review of 45 Years

45 Years (2015)
Smoke gets in your eyes
4 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay play a retired husband and wife who lead a quiet life with their dog and friends.

Katya died, falling into a ficher in the Swiss mountains in 1962 as they spent 6-7 weeks exploring in their late 20s, living in various houses. Her body has just been discovered, frozen in the ice. Kate married Jeff in 1970 and they are about to celebrate with a large party.

Most marriages have the ghosts of earlier relationships at the start but we expect those to fade over time. Jeff mentioned the relationship once while they were courting but clearly it wasn't fully discussed, partly because for Kate it was too painful to hear. A wise husband will never mention anything about previous relationships and wives assume that all ex-girlfriends have been beaten. In this relationship, we come to realise that it is Kate who cares most.

Much of the film is spent watching Kate digest the new truths about her husband and come to a new truth about the relationship on which her life is based.

Kate + Jeff had no children and you wonder about that dynamic, how Kate's life was changed by that one accident.
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