Einfach Rosa: Die zweite Chance (2016)
Season 1, Episode 4
amusing and well acted German comedy
24 February 2016
Rosa Winter and Mark are looking for a new apartment in Berlin as they are being evicted from their current one. The judge Johannes Brun who confirmed the eviction order asks Rosa as a wedding planner to help him propose to his beloved. She accepts on the condition that she can arrange the wedding after his beloved Anja says yes. However, it seems that Anja has a dark past. Also the landlord, Mr. Schmidbauer who had refused their application for an ideal apartment, comes to Rosa some time later and asks her to find him a partner and if she succeeds the apartment will be hers. Now her fiancé Mark steps in and tries to couple Schmidbauer with Rosa's mother Ruth, which leads to complications indeed.
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