Not enough good moments for 100 minutes
13 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Aus dem Leben der Marionetten" ("From the Life of Marionettes) is a German 100-minute movie from over 35 years ago and I believe this is the only film that renowned Swedish writer and director Ingmar Bergman made in German. Lead actor is Robert Atzorn and I know him. However, I am not familiar with late lead actress Christine Buchegger. I see this film here is a spin-off from another work by Bergman. That one was in Swedish though. We watch a couple in their dysfunctional marriage and find out why the husband committed a terrible crime. This basically happens entirely via flashbacks to the days and hours before the crime. I guess Bergman wanted to shock the audience right away and to keep them interested, he included the scene right at the beginning. He probably knew that a chronological order would bore most of the audience as the story that leads to the crime is simply not interesting enough unfortunately.

If this is standard Bergman, then I have to say I am not really interested. He had many good actors at his disposal, yet didn't manage to construct a well-thought-out film around them, even if the acting was fine for the most part. In terms of a similar plot, I definitely prefer Rainer Werner Fassbinder's amok-related movie. A much more rewarding watch because he, unlike Bergman, does not lose himself in pretentious dialogue and style over substance for a big part of the movie. Honestly, I quickly lost interest in the ways the couple constantly humiliates each other and also in the question why he actually did what he did. Well.. I could even say it as it happens right away in the film, so it wouldn't even be a spoiler, would it? Oh well, guess I won't Check for yourself. Or don't because you would not be missing much. I cannot recommend "Aus dem Leben der Marionetten". Thumbs down.
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