Brilliant fun!
5 June 2016
This is brilliant fun!!! So many reasons to watch and really enjoy this. As it starts its relatively okay Bondish silly stuff. A Kingsman is a kind of Bond type "hiding in plain sight" kind of hero replete with weapons, gizmos and über combat skills. Then we start to see the "makings" of Joe Public - a bloke like you and me. This is the story of how he becomes a Kingsman.The scene in the pub is brilliant...!!! Slowly but surely a "Kingsman" is made. Kick Ass central is the destination of this train. You won't want to get off.... It does get silly - make no mistake, Samuel L Jacksons character is just daft and it all ends up in silliness! But that doesn't matter!!! A Kingsman is born and it's all cool - right down to the final scene in the pub. Don't miss this its brilliant!!!
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