Review of Raja

Raja (1995)
Lovely Movie
10 September 2016
I just Loved This Film. This is one of the Films which can be regarded as a Commercial Women Centric Film which is very rare in Bollywood. Madhuri Dixit received the crown of the Biggest Female Superstar in Bollywood with this film.

The Film has Beautiful Melodious Songs composed by Nadeem Shravan written by Sameer and Udit and Alka singing brilliantly. Sanjay Kapoor got the First Hit of his career. He acted brilliantly. Paresh Rawal was Extra Ordinary in this Film. Mukesh Khanna, Reeta Bhaduri, Dilip Tahil and Himani Shivpuri played their parts well.

It revolves around the story of Raja (Sanjay Kapoor) and Madhu (Madhuri Dixit) separated childhood friends who met later in their youth and fell in Love. Later they come to know that they are childhood friends but their brothers are enemies and create rift between them. The Love between Raja and Madhu is so strong that despite many troubles they gets reunited again and their is Happy Ending. Madhuri Dixit's Acting was Superb, Brilliant. Her Expressions were Priceless. Her Dance was Extra Ordinary and looked so so beautiful!!! A Must Watch Film for Bollywood Lovers.
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