Pure Genius (2016–2017)
Episode one review
29 October 2016
I read a review from a real doctor of this show who stated in his own opinion it was nonsense because it was perhaps unreal and more so with regards to the actual medical equipment used. I enjoyed the show based on removing such reality and looked upon the first episode based on human emotions, the passion, and the hope oozing from the doctors and specialists, the cry for a medical miracle to help those in need. If you stop to over analyze the actual components used in the show and the medical terms used and look at overall the quality of human kindness and of the actors each individual's medical role in creative thinking and diagnostic methods to find a cure for example, well I think the show will do well in the future.

Donovan, the reviewer above mentioned "look at what star trek did for communication", the folding mobile phone was an idea from the star treks portable communicator.

Episode One:There are thought reading helmets used today in the medical world which covers various conditions, who knows what next gen technology may bring in the future, as long as we have hope.

The show is all about human emotion and kindness.

After watching episode two, my rating has sky rocketed to 10/10 love it.
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