Pure Genius (2016–2017)
Best new series
19 November 2016
It is so good so watch a new series that is so uplifting. Every episode ends on an uplifting note. The characters are all working as a team and supportive of one another. So far the series has not had any backroom sordid romances. Some of the episodes may seem to be sci-fi, but do did some of Dick Tracy's cartoons of years past. I like that love and healing for people is the main theme. It is so good to watch a series where there is no violence or backbiting. There has been no profanity or sex scenes. The two main characters seem to be genuinely interested in helping people and not at war with each other. I highly recommend this series as one for the whole family. This series is really cutting edge. I hope that this series will be around for a while.
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