Pure Genius (2016–2017)
Uplifting & show the possibilities of where technology may take us
27 November 2016
Watched and really enjoyed it.

Read a few negative reviews from some other viewers, who mainly are not happy at all kinds of "unrealistic" technologies shown in the episodes. But I have to say - they are wrong, for they're either unaware of new frontiers in technology, or too narrow minded and lack of imagination. Somewhat like medieval priests screaming at anyone claiming that the Earth is not the centre of the universe.

Some of the viewers may have medical backgrounds, and are picky at whatever detailed procedure isn't like what it should be in their opinion. Well, first of all, this is not a medical education visual study. Plus, the current way may not be the best way or even the right way. Think about what medical doctors did in 19th century. I'm sure they got all kinds of "right procedures" in their handbooks. But now who cares what is the right way to put a leach on a fever patient?

Remember, this is a drama, not a documentary. And it's a good drama!
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