Review of Falling Down

Falling Down (1993)
borderline personality? No way!
30 November 2016
The description on the IMDb page for this movie starts with "A borderline personality disordered (hello?) defense worker". Wrong, wrong, wrong. A quite normal average man is simply totally fed up with the hassles we undergo and see every day. F.i. the insane traffic in which we have to move every day. Or being cheated by your employer or shopkeepers. Or the very bad service at a diner. And also being intimidated by some no good hoodlums, the man simply doesn't take it anymore. I think that many, many "normal" people would like once to react to all these abuses, grievances, infringements and what have you, And once, only once would love to take a baseball bat and do exactly what Michael Douglas does in this delightful and sometimes very funny "black" movie. For now we live with these frustrations and enjoy this movie.
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