Review of APB

APB (2016–2017)
I'll be the naysayer
7 February 2017
These people are highly talented actors. We've seen them in LOTS of other things. And yet here they are wooden. Justin Kirk's lines are delivered with a sameness.

The pacing is odd. Everything is somehow at a remove. As if it's all happening over there somewhere. It fails to draw one in. I WANT (very much) to like it.

The concept is fabulous and intriguing to explore since the possibility of this actual future hangs in the air (like one of those drones) over our reality.

But the tedium in the delivery is just too much.

Poor directing. Poor writing.

Photography is excellent. CGI as well. It's a shame because this show has SO much going for it.

And it's been squandered.

It coulda been great. It coulda been something.
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