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APB (2016–2017)
Great first episode, left me wanting more
12 February 2017
Fantastic first episode.

It was exciting, futuristic, and not too over the top. If you are wanting a story like Minority Report this might not be it. The show bases its fiction on what could be technology in the not so far future. The show is basically what would Elon Musk do if he decided to privatize the police for the good of a city. I am excited to see more for sure.

I've looked at some of the other reviews and fail to see the negative point they were wanting to make. The show is fantasy, it isn't supposed to be a commentary on modern crime. I don't believe its going out of its way to mar public policy either. Instead it focuses on an actual problem "the under-funding and under-manning of police forces in the US" and solves it with a bit of science fiction. Its the same policies, the same over arching organization, just funded better. That being said the one thing I did find true in those reviews is if you are not looking for a science fiction show the A.P.B is definitely not for you.
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