Hell on Wheels: The Elusive Eden (2014)
Season 4, Episode 1
Someone Kill The Swede... PLEASE
11 August 2017

If it was not for the swede, I would have finished Hell on Wheels since last year, but I had to take some months off from seeing his face. It pained me to see Bohannon being held captive by him. I wish Bohannon would kill him already... he has been a thorn in his side long enough !!

On a more positive note, who would have ever that I would be happy that Bohannon is married? I wanted him to stay alone forever because no one deserved him, but Naomi is the perfect wife for him. I look forward to seeing their relationship progress, but first they need to get out of that hell hole.

I thought that Durant was in prison... it has been so long since I watched season 3, but how did he get his position back?

Elam is alive... well, I hope he is for Eva's sake. She is in a dangerous town & she needs both Elam & Bohannon to have her back.

Mickey McGinnes is a snake just like his brother. I am over him.

Bohannon needs to escape that fort in the next episode because I cannot stand to go through the pain of him being imprisoned any longer. His railroad needs him.
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