A Lost Diamond in the Dust
27 December 2018
I accidentally discovered this movie when I was looking for anime movie in a list of animated movies on IMDb based on its rating. Surprisingly Batman: Mask of Phantasm is among that top list. This movie has all the elements that must have by top-class superhero movies such as Batman (1989) and The Dark Knight (2008). Back then, along with the success of the series Batman: The Animated Series, DC allowed Bruce Timm to create the first DC animated movie based on the same series. The result is this movie which its quality is not far away from the other top animated movies like Spirited Away or Toy Story. However maybe due to animated feature movies are not very popular at that time, this movie failed in the box office and only a few people knew about it until today. But over time, more and more people have discovered this "lost diamond", including me as well.

To date, many DC animated movies only focus on the element of action and ignoring its narrative aspect. But Batman: Mask of the Phantasm surprised me with its narrative style because it seems like this movie is directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman's portrayal is also very accurate here, considering this year (1993) only two versions of Batman in the screen were known, the Tim Burton Gothic version and the ridiculous Adam West version. All I can say is this movie is one of the best DC movies ever produced, and it is made this movie is a must-watch by the Batman fans and animated movie fans. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
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