The best show nobody saw
13 April 2019
Although shot in 2009, the network didn't air it until 2011. Even then, they put it in a lousy time slot (11:30pm on a weeknight) from mid-July to early September, when all of Spain is on vacation. It's too bad because it's a pretty good police thriller. A couple of Madrid cops go to a small beach town to investigate two murders. The murders were committed eight years prior, but the bodies are discovered just recently thanks to the visions of a woman who spent summers in the town as a young girl. In a small town where everybody seems to be hiding something, figuring out a case that's been cold for eight years is no easy task.

While the two cops expected to do just a bit of digging and be back in Madrid in a few days, things take an unexpected turn when more young women are murdered, with the same M.O. as the murders from eight years ago. Obviously, the Madrid duo end up staying a lot longer, and end up getting far more wrapped up in this small town in order to dig into the investigation.

The two leads are great, as is the supporting cast, and the plot twists are both engaging and believable. It's a good thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. Almost nobody got a chance to see this hidden gem. If you ever get the chance (Hulu? Netflix?), invest a bit of time.
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