An interesting character study
12 August 2019
A career hit man decides to spare the life of a women he was contracted to kill. Because a hit man risks getting killed himself should he fail to complete the job, he must kill the person who hired him, even though all his contracts are blind, arranged via an intermediary.

We follow the sicarivs (Latin for "hit man") over the course of the night as he races to find who hired him & why. Because a hit man cannot risk leaving a witness who could later testify against him, our hit man leaves a lot of dead bodies in his wake as he questions one person after another in order to get to the hirer. The sicarivs does make an exception, but the reason he spares one witness's life has nothing to do with compassion.

Throughout this long & very bloody night, we also learn how the hit man honed his skills. Any idiot can kill a person, but it takes a very specific type of person to do this messy work as a career. The character development is fascinating, and the actor who plays the professional killer is terrific in the role.

By daybreak we know this cold-blooded assassin quite well. Most important, we learn why the hit man decided to spare his intended victim, even though he knew just how difficult it was going to be to walk away from a job left undone. "Sicarivs" is an intriguing and entertaining character study. Who would have guessed that a career hit man, who has killed dozens in cold blood, would have such a soft side?
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