The Wrestler (2008)
One of the most emotional movie that I've ever watched
16 October 2019
Emotional, that is the first time I felt after watching this movie. Just like what I felt after watching another sports movie like Rush (2013) and Warrior (2011), but maybe this is more heartwarming because more about family. Whether I miss this information or not, watching this movie enlightens my curiosity about wrestling like WWE SmackDown, WWE Raw, and something else which are all of those are not a pure fighting sport like UFC or boxing. Wrestling is a show and entertainment which is full of scenarios and acting by the wrestlers. Before the show begins, the wrestlers discuss with the promotors about how they will act and who takes over in each part of the show. Everything is done just to entertain the people. My childhood felt cheated because I used to watch wrestling shows like SmackDown and play them on game consoles, and I believed those all were real.

Besides that, this movie also tells the story behind the scenes about the wrestlers who fight in the ring. They are all good friends outside the ring even though in the ring they act separately as groups called Face (as a good-side) and Heel (as bad-side). Those who are usually labeled by the public as bad people in the ring are actually just an ordinary and friendly people. Mickey Rourke gave an awesome performance here, this is the best of all his career. I also felt what he feels from his face and eyes. His wistful expression made us believe that his character is a man full of life's problems. Even though this movie is about wrestling, we will witness more inner conflicts than physical conflicts. We will see how Ram wrestles in his real life as an ordinary person who also needs others by his side. For the movigoers regardless they like wrestling shows or not, watching this movie is surely a must.
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