Atypical (2017– )
The season 3 is even better!
20 November 2019
I binged the first season when it originally was released on Netflix and then also binged the second season when it was released and now the third season. I have liked the show from the start and even though I or my brother are not on spectrum, I could relate to it as I come from a similar atypical nuclear family of 4. I found it adorably funny and very well acted, especially the lead, Sam and his sister, Casey. But the 3rd season knocked me out with how much more it engaged me with the storyline. The characters, even the supporting ones like Zahid, Evan, Izzie and Paige, have grown into their characters and have amazing chemistry. While Sam and Casey's sibling chemistry was spot-on and heartwarmingly amusing from the first episode, their relationships with the other characters seemed much more real and nuanced and believable. Especially Sam and Zahid are like the perfect Bros/homies! I have rarely seen such a heartfelt depiction of male friendship on a TV show. And it's not sappy, it's funny, weird, crazy and emotional like all real friendships and so unlike the stereotypical way they usually show male friendships (especially when one of them is on the spectrum) on TV/movies. And thank God, the parents also resolved their issues coz frankly I felt their issues were dragged too long. Also, Sam and Paige's relationship grew deeper as Sam finally learned to show his love and appreciation in his own way. I also liked how they contrasted the difficulties of adjusting to college life between Sam, the "atypical" person and Paige, the neurotypical over-achiever who went to her dream school. Sometimes, the things that others see as weakness can actually turn out as one's biggest strengths. One of the best things that I have watched this year, and I have watched a LOT of amazing movies/shows this year.
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