The Mandalorian (2019– )
A very pleasant story
11 December 2019
A very pleasant story. Probably one of the best in the Star Wars universe. And it's impressive how they could integrate so many elements from A New Hope without making a rehash. And even the characters are quite good. Not as good as some of the better series of NetFlix, but very good compared with what mainstream TV still produces.

Sadly, they never polished the product and the special effects team is the best by far. The direction is okay, but with many cheap drama. For example in the 4th episode, probably the worst of the first four, the Mandalorian knows he's in a peaceful village, there is nothing threatening, yet he jumps when a kid sneaks in. Is he a bounty hunter or a domestic abuse victim?

The script is even worse than the direction once you stop going with the flow. I mean the guy has levitation devices, yet he can't have some perimeter sensor to know that many individuals are about to jump him? Smart droids and no smart phone app to tell you that somebody is robbing your ship and you might be stuck in the middle of nowhere?

And what's with all the deus ex machina? The hero is cornered, but here's the entire Eastern Front Army to the rescue! He might be eaten alive by a herbivore, but a farmer just happens to be near and saves him?

And the choreography is cute as long as you keep it shallow. But the guy has a fancy new armor that can take a cannon shot, yet he will get beaten like dressed in a flannel shirt. And the armor is magical, probably as negative weight, as thugs will keep throwing him as he's in his bathing suit.

Enter the populist junk: the village that lives in perfect harmony with themselves and with the nature. The clothes are industrially made, clean, too clean for some people working all day in the field. The population of the isolated village is Asian, after all Disney strives for diversity, but the actors are from all over Asia, not just one area, a bit too much genetic diversity. And the villagers are happy, although they are under constant threat from the robbers. And the robbers don't seem to do much over the year, but rob this village.

So, yea, a nice story, but don't think about it or it will prove just another Hollywood piece.
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