A decent movie when there's no Tarantino on TV
20 December 2019
I have seen this movie back when it was released. I remember being entertained, but not impressed. Over the years some images have stick into the mind, but what this movie is about has completely faded. So, thanks to NetFlix, I said to myself: why not burn two hours and see that story with a fresh eye.

The movie is entertaining and, thanks of it unmemorable story, I kept watching to see what next. Overall, a good description would be "a Tarantino script at the second or third draft". Way too many pointless characters that would make sense in a TV series script to help with the second, third and fourth season. And that is it, after all Jesus seems have had its own spin-off.

The acting is good, and the characters are interesting, but there is not much character development. Actually there is none at all.
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