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The Witcher (2019– )
21 December 2019
A mediocre book gave way for a very well sold video game that remarked itself with very good graphics, maybe the best in its league at the time. The series is about the same: good looks, vague traces of brain.

Opening scene. Calm. A deer drinks water. But, oh, it seems there was a battle between some sort of skeleton spider and some guy. The guy is very strong, so he drops his sword and barely gets it back at the third attempt. Lucky for him, the spider is not smart enough to understand that the sword that already cut two of his legs might kill it. After the killing, the guy gets out calm and his well : fresh makeup, nicely combed hair.

Next scene. The guy from scene one is in a much poor shape, probably to make a good impression he has his hair in all directions and covers his armor. He is a guy that killed that thing in the lake. And by his calm, he has killed far bigger beasts. But a villager half his size is ready to get into a fight? And the bar tender who refused to serve him, now politely serves him?

Next he walks down the village. The village is some sort of medieval Paris as there are even more people in the street than in the saloon. And everybody is looking at the guy. Really? He seems to have ridden to the village and even he parked his horse and a monster nearby, but people start noticing him as he walks down the street.

So, in short, it is a much tamer version of a successful HBO show, tamer as in cheaper.
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