hollywood like war-action-flick made by serbian/russians on a very tight budget
5 February 2020
This review is not political, im actually of croatian heritage, so it would be more likely that i would bash this flick, but instead i give it 10/10 for two simple reasons:

1.) from a movie-makers perspective this is a very very well done action-war-movie that is on par with hollywood productions, cinematography, sound, casting, acting, action, stunts, vfx, everything is on point ... the script itself has so much happening and they succeeded to elegantly cram it all into the moodest runtime of this movie, every second of film and every cut serves to propell the story and to keep you invested. that alone would give this movie a rating of at least 8. especially on the balkans i would suggest this movie to any filmmaker who intends to do another war-action-flick, because they can learn from it how to do things right.

2.) it did cost "only" 3.600.000$ to make, with that pricetag they outperformed the competition, thats why i give it a 10 instead of an 8 because: it takes skills to make a highquality movie on such a low budget, you dont see this in hollywood anymore.

a lot of critics complain about propaganda, in all fairness, most of us dont care, its not a documentary nor do most viewers take this for reality, its just an entertaining action-flick, good vs bad guys that is loosely based on the backdrop of a real event, basically like for example any other american war movie. in this regard nearly every war-movie would than deserve a rating of 1 because they all contain propaganda in some sort of way.

whats additonally really great about this production, the collaboration between russian and serbian film showed to be very fruitfull. i have seen other movies by the same russian director, while they are visually well made, none of them had a good story and it acutally shows on imdb. so this collaboration between russian and serbian film-professionals actually shows that they produce much better results in cooperation rather than on theire own. i really hope they do another action-movie together, but this time with a theme that will not attract all those butthurt nationalists.

to finish this review, if you like fastpaced action-packed visually-stunning war-movies, this one is definetly for you !!! ignore the rating, too many haters with a political agenda downvoted this, for movie buffs this is at least an realistic 8.
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