Nice try, but it ends up being flat and forgettable
10 February 2020
I watched this movie after the original authors of the Death Note released the Death Note Special One-Shot manga in February 2020. I enjoy the first two live-action movies of Death Note, they give a good alternate story to the Death Note franchise. The third movie is not that good but still watchable. After 10 years of the first movie, is it still a good choice to continue the Death Note movie? To be honest, I did not have much expectation for this movie. I only hope at least it is entertaining regardless of the story it tells.

I don't know if it's just me or everyone, but the whole movie feels really flat. I am sure it is because I've read the One-Shot manga first that made me feel this movie is mediocre. After the innovative storyline from the manga, people expect something different from the story of this movie. But again, repeated formula and lame twist. This is still a disease for Japanese live-action movies in general. The action and drama also did not well. The six death notes in the movie have no impact at all to the narrative aspect of the story. Although the story is flat, I have a bit of hope at the end of this movie. They might end it like I hope it to be. But, the ending is also disappointed. At last, if you want you can still watch this movie. But if don't want to, it still is okay, you did not lose anything important at all.
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