Wawa No Cidal (2015)
Very personal review for Children of the Sun
14 February 2020
This movie title translated literally from its Chinese title as "Children of the Sun". Tells the story of a journalist in Taipei who came from one of the indigenous tribes in Taiwan returned to his hometown, a village in Taitung County, to defends their family ancestral land that would be bought by a hotel developer. In this movie, we will get to know closer the traditions of the aboriginal people. I am really glad that we will not only hear the Mandarin language is spoken but also one of the aboriginal languages of Taiwan. You will also get to see the life in the countryside on the east coast of Taiwan that mostly populated by the Taiwanese indigenous peoples and stunning nature such as the expanse of rice fields, rural houses, and the beautiful landscapes that truly spoil the eyes of the viewers.

This movie is also very personal for me because it brought back my childhood memories. The atmosphere is very similar to my hometown, in a small village on the edge of a hill that also has an equally beautiful expanse of rice fields. Too bad while living in Taiwan I did not have the opportunity to visit Taitung County and its surroundings even though this area was included in my wishlist. However, I was only reached to Hualien City, which is also on the east coast of Taiwan. Hopefully, there are still opportunities to visit it another time. Overall, this is a decent movie that teaches us to respect the heritage of the ancestors and preserve it for good.
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