Downgrading my early feelings from 1992's first look!!!
17 February 2020
I had waited to see this movie since 1992, when I watched it twice on TV in one week only, this movie just come out officially here in Brazil, right way arriving the John Huston's Box I've start to see it once more, now l must to downgrade my early feelings, it sounds me a bit artificial by now, the top billing Jennifer Jones was miscasting to the role, her American accent is too much perceived, also the plot is a another weak point, dig the long ninety meters toward into a graveyard is too far-fetch, although the underground cell meanwhile digging the tunnel never was advise over others movements to overturn the tyrannical government on Cuba, Pedro Armendariz plays a prefect nightmare by their enemies, rough and overweening a real pig, Garfield apart the accent made a decent job, he fits full as Latin American type, reinforcing here the unmatched performance by David Bond as Ramon who feel miserable to kill his childhood friend, ends up gonna crazy, I stay a little bit thwarted on the end, although I kill me hunger!!


First watch: 1992 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 7.5
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