Flouted exiting spy thriller on V-1 and V-2 on WWII!!!
20 February 2020
This overlooked spy thriller even being a fictional movie that never happened, in fact those Flying bombs called V-1 and V-2 was really developed by the Germans by the genius Von Braun, that later joints with allied,this British-Italian co-production is largely well done, supporting by stellar heavyweight casting George Peppard, John Mills, Trevor Howard, Lili Palmer, Tom Courtenay, Jeremy Kemp, Sophia Loren, Paul Henreid and the best of them Richard Johnson, that rarely we saw in the same movie together, anchored by a clever screenplay the movie flow easy, sadly the producer Carlo Ponti committed a mistake introducing his wife Sophia Loren as top billing to acting just few minutes, in other hand we have a solid efforts of British intelligence working hard against the true menace that were those Rockets over London, still emphasizing the accurate technical terms talked by scientist and engineers neither, enough action and suspense is able to hold the audience on the chair, also increase by director Michael Anderson who gave a strength required in such greatness production!!


First watch: 2005 / How many: 3 / Source: Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 8.25
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