The luminescence happy guy meets a sad girl!!!
23 February 2020
Van Johnson played through his long career always good guys, he was often a stereotyped actor, in this heart breaks movie he fits perfect as the luminescent happy man from the countryside, that arrives at New York waiting for the long journey to the war on overseas, in meantime he meets with a lonely and sad girl Ruth Wood (Jane Wyman) who live with her sadned and rejected mother by her husbund, in this dreary atmosphere he appears like a sunrise, although just a few and brief moments the romantic pair living almost an entire life at central park or in a restaurant, bright moments shared each other, sadly he has to go, in few months manny letters are send by the anxious girl, however when a letter come up it wasn't from him, the upbeat guy fell down on battle, fabulous love story that adds a religious element at glorious Saint Patrick church, heartbreaking sad story, hard to forget due such greatness, is impossible stays phlegmatic watching this compelling story!!!


First watch: 2020 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8
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