48 Hrs. (1982)
Nolte & Murphy chemistry in high level!!!
23 February 2020
Walter Hill doesn't disappoints me never, in this Edie Murphy debut, bringing the sloppy hard smoking cop Nick Nolte with his outdated soft blue Cadillac, making a deal on 48 hours with a smart upscale back convict to help him to catch a cop's killers, two opposite characters in every level as you may imagine, somehow slowing is developing a self-respect between them, that starts in low degree, the action takes place at hilly San Francisco, the stays clear cars race in those ground, after spent two years at prison Murphy needs a natural relief on gorgeous women at large, however often is ready appears a sudden obstacle, clever lines spoke by the gift Murphy we can foresee in advance his inexorable future, the chemistry between the leading actors are irrefutable facts, those searching on night clubs are surrounded by pure magic acting allowed by both, also supported by good soundtrack on live performance, as an ELO's fan has a scene at prison where can see easily a ELO in concert poster at a third cell, one of my favorite movies of the eighties!!


First watch: 1986 / How many: 7 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 8.5
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