Waterworld (1995)
One of Kevin Costners greatest movies
9 March 2020
Im a fan of Kevin Costner, especially his post-apocalyptic movies are awesome (Postmen is one of my favourite). Back than this movie was already ridiculed before it came out because one of the expensive set-pieces sunk during a storm, therefore the budget for this movie exploded because they had to rebuild it all again and that alone made bad press and somehow stuck to the movie because audiences just repeated the bad press parrot-fashion and it seemed to be IN to bash this movie.

Let me tell you, building real set pieces is something that todays movies lack, therefore they rarely appear believable likein this production. Kudos to the producers for probably being the last one to do it that way.

I give this movie highest ranking, the way it is shot captivates me today as well as it did back than when i watched it as a kid. Great acting, action, stunts and cinematography and the great Dennis Hopper is worth to watch it again and again.

I wished Kevin Costner would make another post-apocalyptic movie which isnt far off considering the mess thats going on in the world, certainly gives a lot of material to come up with a great script.

Watch this movie if you haven yet, ignore the haters.
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