Logan's Run!
20 September 2020
Once sheared of twenty minutes, "Requiem for a Gringo" is now available to be seen in a full uncut version. Not that it's outrageously violent or sexually repugnant, it would appear some stiff backed suits back in the late 1960's had a bug where the sun doesn't shine.

This is a little treat for fans of Euro-Westerns of the 60's. Plot holds familiar traits, where a ruthless gang of scumbags terrorise locals and kill indiscriminately. Enter a lone stranger, Ross Logan/Django (Lang Jeffries), who after having been dealt a family mortal blow, sets about revenge - good job he is one seriously hard and smart dude!

Logan is a wonderful creation, he rides a mule, he wears a leopard skin poncho, and crucially he is a lover of astrology and uses it to define his life outcome (the best weather man in the history of Western genre cinema). There's a nice bit of splintered narrative used by directors Eugenio Martín and José Luis Merino here, while they also give the pic a supernatural vibe (Martin had his roots in horror).

Pic is full of macho brooding, murder death kills (splendid stunt work), scuzzy close ups, intense fights, beautiful girls (seriously, some of the prettiest girls ever in a Pasta/Paella Western), stunning Almeria location cinematography (Mario Pacheco) and some inventive camera work.

Very underseen, this may not be a high point in the genre, but it's certainly one that fans of such should be seeking out. One question though - how the hell did Lang Jeffries get to marry Rhonda Fleming? Must have been the gringo look that did it... 7/10
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