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Millennium (1989)
A mid-range cult piece - but deep down it's a dressed up rom-com...
25 September 2020
To be honest - this is silly nonsense!

However - Millennium doesn't have nothing to offer. It's actually a fair attempt with a good underlaying sci-fi story. That's not the problem; the problem is that deep down this is just another rom-com.

I don't want to see a rom-com, especially not one as weak and silly as this. If I wanted a rom-com I'd watch Notting Hill or Love Actually or something like that. Seen in his mode Millenium is pointless and weak. There is no reason or rhyme to why Ladd & Kristofferson are attracted. Not only is it daft - it's also badly done. It just doesn't work. It's naff.

However, the sci-fi aspect does have some merit - although seen through today's eyes it might encourage conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately - the sci-fi story is not given front and centre treatment. Instead there is is this rather flimsy attempt to use the story as a vehicle for the Ladd/Kristofferson thing (whatever it is).

Another thing about Millennium is that by now it's it's own time capsule. It's clearly a film of the 1980's. That kinda has it's own interest!

Taken overall Millenium is probably worth a watch as a cult piece. But don't raise your hopes too high; this is just a dressed up rom-com.
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