The Searchers (1956)
One of the greatest movies of all time
18 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
How good it feels to go back to the Wild West and see the arena again, the chases, John Wayne and Ford at the helm of one of the best westerns I have ever seen. Desert Centaurs tells the intriguing search for the kidnapped family of Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) and Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter). In this one, considered by Spielberg himself as "the best movie in history" we find the best Wayne, who, full of anger, shows racism and bitterness. Even if I don't always do it explicitly.

And is that one of the things that make this story immense is the trust that Ford places on Wayne himself. It's great to see the comfort that the actor conveys in that role.

Another point that makes Desert Centaurs shine with their own light is the quality of their shots. This is Ford perspective, depth and color. This is art.

But it's not just the technical resources that fascinate me about the film. In addition to his enigmatic nature, Ford is also known to appear more stubborn than he really was. the script is full of unknowns: What did Ethan do when the Civil War ended? Some draw, from the affection that his brother's wife shows when she sees him, an old romance. So, to escape this scandal, Ethan would enlist in the military. What does seem clearer is that after the war is over, Ethan is dedicated to robbing banks (he gives his brother freshly sealed coins, which he quickly hides).

The conclusion is almost as round as the movie itself. Some speak of over-acting and geographical failures, but that verdict is only the result of those who cannot see beyond the script and see Ethan as a common hero. Ethan is a loser, an outlaw, and homeless; as depicted in that beautiful ending. A masterpiece.

The only question that arises now is ... Will I ever see a Ford movie that disappoints me? That'll be the day!
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