Sikandar Box (2011– )
A series to enjoy and lough with your family
21 December 2020
Almost everyone in Bangladesh who watches tv knows about Sikandar Box. Mosarraf Karim as Sikandar Box was amazing. Everyone who watched any episode of this series will be fallen love with the dialogue of Sikandar. The comedy and the acting of Mosarraf Karim will bring joy and lough to your face. You will love it.

The bad side is the series is now too predictable and not that much fun when it was the beginning of Sikandar Box. Audience knows pretty much everything that will going to be happened in this episode. Because of that, the popularity of this series fallen down.

But if you thought about the beginning of Sikandar Box, it will made you lough again and again. I hope the director will bring this series with some different story and the different character of Sikandar Box. I will remember this series as good old memory.
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