Easily the greatest Star Wars movie.
19 June 2021
Watched as part of a Star Wars Marathon, hence the shorter review.

This is it. This is the greatest Star Wars film, this is the quintessential sci-fi movie. It has everything: a strong, likeable cast of characters, an even stronger plot with zero dull moments, a beautiful musical score, innovation beyond belief, development of the universe with characters like Yoda and Lando, and one of the single most memorable twists in cinema history. It is to sci-fi what Terminator 2 is to action. All three acts - Hoth, Dagobah, and Cloud City - are a joy to watch. The set design is truly on another level when held up against not only Star Wars, but other films too. Characters have clear, satisfying development, changing relationships, and some are even permanently physically and mentally altered. If Episode 4 was the setup, it was worth it for this level of payoff - the film doesn't need to worry with exposition or closure. It's just iconic scene after iconic scene. This is a true cinema classic.


--Admin-- Violence - Mild violence on creatures. Strangling.

Sex/Nudity - None.

Language - None.

Miscellaneous Themes - None.
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